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Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze

Date added: 2015-04-11
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Use the arrow keys for the movement, tap spacebar to shoot and kick the frozen balls


Get ready to enter the exotic frozen world with Deep Freeze straight away! The Friv games definitely promises to rejoice you with the coolest performance ever once attending. Are you ready to join us? In this fascinating game, you will take on a role as Santa Claus whose mission is to annihilate all the evil enemies. In this Friv for School, you will use the water to freeze these pesky foes, try to kick and roll them when they are frozen. You can roll them into other adversaries to receive extra scores. Don’t forget to grab nice presents once killing them. Try to kill them in the given time to complete the level. Ok, no more waiting, let’s play the Deep Freeze now! Much fun!

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