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Date added: 2019-10-05
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Walk through the map using WASD,click to collect resources, attack enemies and build the gold stash and base. Use themouse or the Esc key to unselect. Change your weapons using the Q key, open the shop menu using the B key, and use the P key to open the party menu.


Play battle royale! In this zombie HTML5 game, you are going to face waves of hungry zombies through a lot of stages. As a survivor, you must try your best to defeat them all before they come to kill you. Make your way through a huge map picking up enough basic resources and search for a good place to build up a base. You are recommended to find an area where there are stones and trees. Then, you begin to make the gold stash as well as keep it safe all the time. The zombies only show up at night, also, they only come to your place as long as there is already a gold stash. You must be ready to deal with stronger waves of zombies in unblocked as you progress further into the game. You can try teaming up with other players for having a bigger base as well as stronger protection. Your goal here is to become the best survivor.

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