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Date added: 2019-10-11
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To move and control your rubber dingy using A/D, left/right arrow keys, or drag themouse button.


Play game free online to have your racing skills honed through an epic racing competition set in a waterpark. Since summer finally comes, everybody will want to have a lot of fun and no places can be better than a waterpark. In Aquapark multiplayer one of the new io games, you will become a racer who must race against many opponents. At the start of the big water slide, you are provided with a rubber dingy that you must accelerate, tilt, and even angle up to the banked corners as you race on a long track. You have to adjust the angle carefully to make sure that your rubber dingy will not slide into the water below. Plus, when the watercraft hurtles down, you must bump other players as well as quickly defeat them or even make them race slower. Arm yourself with good strategies to get an upper hand on your opponents. You must race faster and try to be the first one getting to the finish line then splashing in the pool to triumph the race. Join PC free online now!

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