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Horror Nights Story

Horror Nights Story

Date added: 2020-06-23
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Use the mouse to dig, smash blocks, place, and interact with items in the game.


If you want to experience a new horror adventure game, then Horror Nights Story unblocked will be a game for you. You can play this title for free online to show your escaping skills then see how fast can you escape it. Horror Nights Story free online is set in a long dark tunnel that is full of creepy creatures. To escape this place, you have to smash blocks, dig down into the tunnel to create a pathway, and follow it to get out of the place. You should make use of your tools to quickly dig the tunnel, try to stay calm even though scary creatures are behind you. With C4 in your hands, use it smartly to blow up the blocks faster. Once you have got out of the dark tunnel, you will become the winner of the game. This is a chance for you to show your skills and challenge yourself to a scary adventure to see if you are brave or not. You can play Horror Nights Story online now. Don't forget to play other horror adventure games if you want! Have fun with it!

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