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Raft Wars Multiplayer

Raft Wars Multiplayer

Date added: 2020-06-26
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Use the mouse to set the angle, chargean attack, and release the mouse to shoot.


Raft Wars Multiplayer unblocked is one of the best action games focusing on an epic raft battle between two teams. You play with a brother named Simon. Both of you must defeat all real opponents and protect your treasure from being taken by them. Two teams are equipped with their own rafts. You have to make use of your raft and your weapons to deal damage to the raft of the opponent team and defeat it. Try to adjust the angle for accurate shots as well as prepare some strategies to outplay them. Don't take damage from them, otherwise, you will be in danger, which can cause the game to be over. The goal for each team is to defeat all members of the other team to become the winning team in this battle. Raft Wars Multiplayer free online is also a new version of Raft Wars the classic game. Play it now for a new experience! Have fun!

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