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Cat Wars

Cat Wars

Date added: 2020-07-22
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Use the mouse to choose a cat and answer the questions in the game.


Cat Wars unblocked is an Arcade-themed game about a cat's life. For cat lovers, this game will suit them a lot. The game also tests their math skills through great challenges. You take on the role of a hungry cat trying to eat a lot of sausages. To get these sausages, you must answer all the math questions in the least amount of time possible. Other cats are trying to get the sausages, so you have to beat them. Try to think then give the correct answer to eat a sausage. The more correct answers you have, the more powerful your cat will become. The sausages will come closer to you if you answer a question right, and these sausages will go far away from other cats. How many questions can you answer? Will you become the best cat in Cat Wars free online? Play the game right now to show your skills! Have fun!

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