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Feudalism 2

Feudalism 2

Date added: 2015-04-11
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Use arrow keys or key WASD to move around, use the mouse to interact with objects in the game
Tap spacebar to assault, key Shift to change weapons


Feudalism 2 is a second chapter of the well-known Feudalism series. Let’s continue to dominate your realm in this Frivgame for School filled up with challenging missions now, guys! Are you ready to become a strong ruler of the whole world? As you know, the world in this game is larger than we expected. There are lots of nations, armies, weapons or armors to explore. Your objective is to conquer the enemies, hire the guards, buy and sell your equipment. You need to expand your territory by vanquishing new lands and take part in thewar to fight for glory. Ok, move your body up and become the most powerful king right away! Check out new Friv games awaiting you at Friv Unblocked now!

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